Points and Miles

The Magic Number 

The problem with air miles nowadays is that you really don’t get very many for flying if you are booking cheaper tickets. Fortunately it is now very easy to earn them on the ground and on the internet. Every day new bonuses and offers pop up – some are good, some are bad but they will all add to your mileage account in one way or another. 

But what do we need the miles for in the first place? You probably aren’t going to get enough miles for a round the world trip through shopping and dining portals, but you probably can collect enough to travel domestically.

The current saver rates on the main US carriers are approx 12.5K miles for a domestic flight. Which includes transcontinental flights such as New York to San Francisco for example. This is really good value and very easy to achieve and good fun too. International routes tend to start at about 30K which are harder to get too but far from impossible. 

Collecting miles is a fun hobby. Finding deals and bonuses are also quite satisfying. What’s my number 12.5K – Sitting on a plane to California for $5.60 is great, no matter what way you look at it. 

I’ll post a few tricks for boosting the balances soon in the meantime open a Virgin Elevate account. It will be worth it !!

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