Points and Miles

Earn Miles while you sleep!

Earning anything while you sleep is the way forward if you ask me, but one way of racking up serious miles is through hotels. There are numerous sites out there which help you achieve this and I will look at just three of them. 

This weekend I am travelling to Montreal and just need a bed for Saturday night. Using the four star St. Paul as an example and Virgin Atlantic as my frequent flyer program of choice, here is what I found. 

Rocketmiles offered a room at the hotel for $310 plus taxes with a miles bonus of 6,000 flying club miles. (Remember 10,000 can get you to London one way)

Kaligo offered the same room for $228 plus taxes but with a 1,200 bonus. 

Pointshound had a lower price of $223 but only offered 1,125 miles. A Trivago search returned this as their cheapest price also but without any miles bonus. 

If price is most important going with Pointshound returns 1,125 points. They all count and it makes sense to pick up something at least. But if miles are more important how can you decide if paying $87 more for the room is worthwhile? 

Currently you can Purchase Virgin miles in multiples of 1,000 for $27 plus a transaction charge of $25. So if you were to buy the 5,000 miles difference it would cost you $160. If you need miles quickly it can be worth upgrading your hotel a bit and taking this saving. 

The morale of the story is always check before you book. Particularly if you are traveling on business. Have a look at the airlines websites too as the often offer bonuses for first time users. 

Don’t always believe the ads, Trivago did come up with the cheapest price but booking with them would have left miles on the table. 

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