Points and Miles

Don’t forget the Bonus

As discussed in the magic number 12,500 miles is where they start to become useful for flying. Every week the various affiliate programs have overs and bonuses which will give you the chance to earn miles through your day to day spend. Sometimes they can be really good value, other times not so much.

In the last couple of weeks American Airlines sent around a couple of tasty ones. I don’t put any real effort into AA but as with everyone I aim to get to 12.5K without spending too much out of the ordinary. 

The first mail offer three sets of 500 miles for using the dining program. It offers you between 3 and 5 miles per dollar spent in any of the thousands of restaurants in their program. This is something I use alot living in NYC and they add up quick. For this promotion two cups of coffee and a sandwich in three visits was enough to get the bonus. A very easy score without changing any habits. 

The second offered up to 10,000 for using four of their partners. Dining was again included a cheeky double dip there on that same sandwich. 

The second was to use their shopping portal, so I opted to buy a voucher on restaurants.com which gave me $25 dollars to spend in a local restaurant for just $10, this also comes with 10 miles per dollar. 

1800-flowers was the third site. A little browse around there ended up with some novelty gift socks for $12 dollars again with a ten mile per dollar bonus. While I have no need for these they essentially led to 3000 miles and were essentially covered in the voucher either way. 

I opted not to sign up for partner four which was with Vinesse wines. Mainly because i had signed up for them recently for a different bonus with a different airline. 

All in all I spent $38 dollars which returned 6,768 AA miles which would have cost over $200 to buy on the website. Added to my balance of just under 6,000 that will be enough to get to the magic number which I will use to get me to San Francisco later in the year. Eating and drinking my way across the country!!!

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