The Error Fare 

Every now and again Airlines get their prices wrong and the twitter explodes with the so called Error Fare. Usually one of the taxes are left off a particular route or series of routes. Once they are discovered and posted by the likes of it is a race against the airline to book before they discover it and put the price back to normal. 

One of the most recent was an Emirates fare from Male to destinations around the world of course this isn’t of much use to most people, but there are always a few who take advantage. Last year I got lucky with a TAP fare which got me from JFK to Lisbon and from Lisbon to São Paulo a week later. This perfectly fitted my plans and I pulled the trigger for $183 an absolute steal. Once the booking was confirmed they offered bidding on an upgrade. I put in the minimum and for $300 upgraded the first leg to business class. A definite success story, I made my way around and back through a series of points redemptions and low cost airlines. 

You never know when these fares are gonna pop up and even at that wheather they will be of use. One thing worth noting is that last year three new routes out of JFK had error fares early on as the fares were launched. TAP, Air Serbia and Air Phillipines all had glitches. I’m still annoyed I didn’t book the later one to Manila. So keep an eye on new launches and The next Error fare may arrive at any moment. 

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