Actual Free Flights – Seriously  

When it comes to airfares I have a few price points. What in my opinion are the prices before any discounts, offers, errors just the standard price. In my mind the East Coast to Ireland is around $550 anything above is expensive and below is cheap. This is kind of my default route that everything gets compared to. Call it my value stick if you will. 
Earlier in the year I needed to get to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. A little under four hours from New York but the fares were in the same bracket as a return flight to Europe. This led to weeks of playing around looking to find some value. 

What I came up eventually with is one of the mysteries of air travel to most people. It worked out cheaper to book an extra flight via multi city booking and travelling to San Francisco for Easter than simply booking the return fare to the DR.

As you can see below for Flights in July on the same routes it works out $40 dollars cheaper to add a flight to San Francisco at thanksgiving than to just book the return flight.



What I like about this little trick is you can book the extra leg way out. Thanksgiving is obviously a popular time to travel so getting it for free if you are “forced”to visit the Carribean is pretty cool.

Play with the airfares. There are plenty of routes this applies to so see what you find and let us know. 

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