Points and Miles

Elevate, Honolulu and a cheap way to Sydney. 

Australia is an expensive place to get to from the US occasionally we see fares drop under the $1000 mark but usually it’s much more. For an upcoming trip I need a one way ticket to Sydney and have been playing with various ways to get there. 

As part of the Virgin America/Alaska merger, Alaska kindly gave all new members of Mileage plan a 10,000 mile welcome gift. In the meantime I have managed to double this through various means. 20,000 Alaska miles can go along way but for the purpose of this trip I will probably use to visit Hawaii. 

As you can 20K is enough to travel from JFK via LAX on Virgin America. One of the better ways to get there and 40K in business if you have more miles to spare. I have seen as low as 17.5K but they appear to have dried up. Having never been to Hawaii, I reckon there is no better place to break up this very long trip.

From there Jetstar have fares as low as $199 for the remaining 10 hours of flying time. They also offer connections elsewhere in Australia for slightly more. These fares seem to go four or five months out and not into the new year as yet. If you can make the dates work $205 and 20,000 Alaska is pretty good value to get all the way to Sydney.

Another interesting one I found was to Osaka in Japan with Air Asia. So if time is on your side and you want to spend a couple of days on the beach when heading to Oz or Japan, this is a very cost efficient way of doing it. 

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