Fly the Dreamliner JFK – SIN for $311 with Norwegian 

Norwegian Airlines are rapidly expanding there route network are the world. Yesterday announcing routes from Chicago and Austin to Europe with their usual low prices and solid product on the Boeing Dreamliners. 
However it was their new route from London to Singapore which caught my eye. I am currently planning a round the world trip and looking to position myself in Asia for as little money as possible. 

$311 is a really good deal, to get all the way to Singapore and a little more to break up the trip and visit London. While you will inevitably spend some money onboard, actually having a stop and travelling on a Dreamliner rather than being 10 across down the back of a United 777 sounds like a big plus to me. 

I’m yet to go long haul with Norwegian but have only heard good things about there 787 routes. So may very well go for this option for my trip knowing the legs that will follow will be much more comfortable. 

I’ll be trying their new 737s later this month. So will review those soon. 

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