Fenway Park, JetBlue and a moving hotel room. 

Let’s face it travel is generally pretty expensive and that can scare lots of people off. Flights and hotels can be pretty steep during the summer and if time is important and you are only going for one night sometimes it’s easier not to go at all. 

But for those who fear missing out there is always a way…. Last summer one of my favourite bands was playing at Fenway Park in Boston, tickets were bought months in advance but travel wise we didn’t book anything. The inevitable happened and prices kept on going up and as it was a one night event spending a fortune wasn’t really an option. 

Luckily JetBlue had pretty good fares and a one way on Friday came in under a hundred dollars. Hotels on the other hand were very expensive, after a couple airbnb cancellations (they were watching the hotels no doubt). We looked at coming back that night and for a very modest $28 the late night megabus came to the rescue. This included a seat reservation avoiding some of the hazards of late night bus travel.

At this point most people I know would have cancelled. A bus from Boston after a concert no way. But it worked a dream, sure it wasn’t Emirates first class but it was no worse than spending four hours in United economy. 

A slight delay on JetBlue meant it was a little tight, but we arrived at Fenway an hour before the band came on stage. Then had four hours after the show to enjoy the atmosphere and tire ourselves out. Then it was onto the bus and three and a half hours later we were in Westchester on the approach to New York. I was in my own bed by 7am. 

We nearly cancelled this trip due to the cost but in the end the round trip and “accommodation” came in at a little over $100. It was also probably the best concert I ever went to. When it comes to travel people tend to be quite closed minded, but at the end of the day you will remember seeing Pearl Jam at a famous ballpark for a lot longer than being stuck on a bus for a few hours. 

Before you cancel a trip because of cost look at all options. No need to be afraid of missing out, don’t miss out.

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