Points and Miles

Earn Bonus Airmiles on purchases large and small. 

Online shopping portals are a great way of earning bonus airmiles on everyday purchases. All the major US airlines have a one and they link to hundreds of stores where you can buy pretty much anything you need. You simply click on the store from the portal and shop as you normally would. 

Occasionally there are bonus offers such as earn 1000 miles if you spend $250 in June for example and the stores themselves also sometimes offer promotions where you get say 5 miles per dollar instead of the usual 1 miles. 

Over Easter Apple offered 7 miles per dollar spent through the United portal. There was also an April bonus of 1000 for a minimum spend. That was enough for me to finally pick up an IPad which had been on my shopping list for a long time. The $400 I spent got me 2800 miles plus the bonus. So a total of 3800 miles for a purchase I was making anyway. 


For the old fashioned amongst us myself included who like to buy things in actual shops, United also offer the MileagePlusX app. This is pretty similar to the online portal by the way of earnings as you can see above. 

It works by allowing you to purchase gift cards in stores. So you can go to somewhere like GAP, shop as you normally would then essentially pay on the App and hand over the gift card to the cashier on the phone. So in this case spending $50 in GAP would net you 250 miles. The also offer a 25% bonus if you pay with your United Explorer credit card. 

It takes a while to get used to shopping this way. But the awards can really add up, if you are planning on buying a pair of jeans or a 64 inch plasma TV have a look at the app or the sites and collect those miles. 

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