$3 Lunches around the country with MealPal

If you are based in NYC, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, London, Miami, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Sydney, Toronto or Washington D.C. and find yourself constantly rushing out for lunch a few times a week this may be the app for you.

Mealpal has hundreds of partners in each city which offer a daily meal for subscribers. Each evening, the following days menu is released and you can pre-order your lunch for a time slot of your choice. Meaning you can collect your lunch without waiting in line and it’s also pre-paid.

They have two plans which offer either 12 or 20 meals in a 30 day period for between $6 and $6.50 a time. I have just signed up for the 12 meal option for $84. This week it comes with an amazon voucher for $50 included so that reduces the price to under $3 a meal for the first month.

As you can see above there are lots of options in Manhattan and I’m quite excited to get started as lunch usually costs me an average of $10 in Midtown.

For the next few days there is a refer a friend promotion where both people receive the voucher. Send me your email if you want a referral.


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