No. 1 Lounge Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh airport has vastly improved over recent years and now has a great selection of retailers to visit. However it is still a bit cramped at peak times and there is not a whole lot of seating space.

The No. 1 lounge offers an escape from the crowds if you have a couple of hours to kill in the terminal. Priority pass members have access but they also allow walk ups with which cost £24 for 90 minutes or £30 for 3 hours. This includes a pre and post 11am menu and a full bar service. They also have a good wifi service and a selection of magazines to choose from.


The room is set up with restaurant style seating on one side and a comfortable lounge on the other to allow you rest after having lunch. The service is typically Scottish and very friendly from the concierge to the waiting and bar staff and the food is tasty and light.

While lagging behind many of the airline lounges this is a perfectly good place to spend a few hours if you intend on eating and drinking at the airport and don’t want to battle the crowds.


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