Points and Miles

400 Easy Alaska Miles – Complete one Survey

There are numerous survey websites out there which will offer you miles for signing up and completing surveys on behalf of their clients.

The latest one is called the Opinion Terminal and they have linked up with Alaska to offer a sign up bonus of 400 miles to join. 

For once it was a pretty pain free experience and I qualified for the third survey they took my details for. A nice touch is they give you 5 miles for the ones you don’t qualify for. The survey itself took about 12 minutes to complete and wasn’t too frustrating. 

The best bit is the miles have already credited to my account in less than 24 hours. They have also sent a mail about a 150,000 mile giveaway in the month of August. 

Morale of the story is if you have 20 minutes it’s and easy way to pick up some miles. Alaska Miles are some of the most useful out there in my opinion as they have some great partners and redemption rates. 

For more on redeeming Alaska miles check out the below article from last month.


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