Points and Miles

Don’t leave miles behind – Earn with Amazon, Groupon and Airbnb

Nowadays you can earn airmiles on pretty much everything you buy. All the major airlines have shopping portals, dining programs etc. along with the traditional affiliated hotel and car rentals programs which have been around for years. 

However consumer habits are changing as more and more shopping moves online and certain companies have not needed to advertise themselves up until recently by offering bonus airmiles. The companies I have listed below are ones you have probably used at some point or potentially on a regular basis and you may not know that you could be earning valuable miles with each purpose. 

JetBlue – Amazon 

By making your Amazon purchases through JetBlue you can earn 3 miles a dollar. Amazon is the go to place nowadays for many people to buy pretty much anything and the vast majority are not boosting their JetBlue balance with every dollar spent. 

Delta – Airbnb

Portugal Packages

When a trip is booked the first stop for many people is Airbnb to look for accommodation. Personally I believe the gap is closing between hotel prices and Airbnb but finally the ability to earn airmiles thanks to Delta (who look to have taken over Virgins partnership) may make it worthwhile to book with them.

Alaska – Groupon

Groupon is another hugely popular program which offers discounts on all sorts of things. This is a pretty sweet deal from Alaska offering a 1,000 mile bonus and 4 miles a dollar on spend. 

These are just three hugely popular websites where you can earn some extra miles. If you are planning a purchase don’t leave the miles on the table. 


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