Points and Miles

International Business Class between London and Madrid using just 6,400 Avios. 

One of the better value Avios redemptions in Europe is between London Heathrow and Madrid in the Iberia A340 business class. Every day the wide body does one round trip between the two cities departing Madrid and 15.45 and returning from Heathow at 18.30. As it part of the international fleet it has lie flat beds and better entertainment options than the smaller aircraft used on this route. 

This is a great Avios redemption available at 12,750 Avios plus just $23. You can also spend less Avios and more money depending on your preference. The best availability for this route is via the Iberia website. 

While most people are more like to hold their Avios with BA it is very simple to make an instant transfer to your Iberia account via BA.com. The only thing is you need an Iberia account open with a points balance however small in it. This can be done via a small shopping purchase or crediting a short One World flight to it. 

Once both accounts are ready you log into BA and go to the executive club you will see an option to combine Avios on the left. From there you choose your Iberia Plus account and complete the transfer. Once done you receive a confirmation email from both airlines and the points will be available to use.

From there just find availability on the day you need. Make the booking and enjoy the trip. I opted to use 6,400 Avios and £73 as my balance was running low. The cost price of the flight on the day I will travel is currently €683 in business and €276 in economy. Making this a very good redemption whatever way you look at it. 

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