Points and Miles

Earn Avios with Booking.com and Hotels.com

I have previously written about websites such as Kaligo, Pointshound and Rocketmiles which offer sometimes very generous miles bonuses on top of hotel stays. These websites allow you to credit to a wide range of airline partners and a single stay at a higher range hotel can even end up earning enough miles for a free flight across the Atlantic. Rocketmiles 

However these bonuses usually come with some opportunity cost as the rooms themselves usually (but not always) come in at a higher price than the more established websites such as hotels.com and booking.com. This means it is important to place a value on the miles and is these sites are not always the best value. 

However if you are an Avios collector (which you should be) there is a way around this as both hotels.com and booking.com have partnered with the Avios program and allow you earn 4 Avios per pound spend once you link through the Avios site. 

While the bonuses won’t be as valuable the hotel prices will be lower and you can still earn miles. Just a couple of thousand Avios can get you serious discounts in some Business Class cabins around the world. Best uses of Avios

As you can see above you need to click through the Avios website to receive the bonus miles. The top shot is off the normal website and the one below via the Avios site. The best bit is the price is exactly the same so you aren’t paying over the odds for the Avios. 

Hotels have become a better way of collecting miles than actually flying. It is always worth putting in a little extra research and comparing the prices. Sometimes the new sites will be worth while but with this trick you can earn miles on every booking.

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