Qantas 787 Dreamliners on Domestic Routes 

Every few days a new 787 Dreamliner rolls off the production line at Everett outside Seattle before heading off to airlines around the world. Some go straight to work in long haul routes while others are used domestically for a period of time to train crews and pilots.

Qantas will shortly be receiving their first 787-900 aircraft and it will put it to work domestically in November. Routes will be Melbourne to Perth and Melbourne to Sydney and will run from early November to mid December before the aircraft goes on International duty. 

If you need to travel between these locations and have some Avios to spare it is a great way of doing it. Sydney to Melbourne costs just 9,000 Avios in Business Class with a minimal fee. 

Currently these flights are still being advertised as A330s on booking systems but you are able to see the new business class seating layout as below. It appears premium economy seats are also being sold as normal economy on these flights which will be good value for cash fares.

If you are in Australia and need to travel between these cities why not give this 787-900 a go. There’s something special about a plane straight off the production line and it will be much more comfortable than the usual 737s on these routes. 

Unfortunately this plane will be flying International when I’m in Australia next year. But I will get to fly their A330 for those 9,000 Avios so all is not lost….

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