Points and Miles

Thousands of bonus Delta Skymiles 

It’s been a few weeks since one of the majors came out with a mileage promotion but low and behold an email just arrived from Delta with possibly the best one yet. 

They are offering a 1,000 SkyMile bonus for every new partner you use. There are 25 potential partners including everything from shopping, hotels, credit cards, car rentals and back again. So some very easy miles to pick up.

Delta don’t publish a mileage chart so redemption rates vary vastly compared to the likes of United and Alaska where you know that collecting 12.5k will get you to the other side of the country for $5.60. But occasionally you can get bargain redemptions on Delta for as little as 5,500 miles. These can include routes like NYC to Miami so are really good value. 

Some really easy bonuses come from Airbnb and Lyft. A simple purchase on restaurant.com via sky shopping can pick up a 1,000 for a couple of dollars. The Dining program is also available and is one of the few I have not already signed up to. So there are a further 3,000 in bonus skymiles there if you meet the spend. 

If you received a mail from Delta sign up straight away. Personally I hope to have enough to get to Miami by this time next week. Happy Collecting!!

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